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How did your primary go?

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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Since some states had party primaries yesterday how did yours do?

Mine went like this


Bailed out banker and gun grabber Rick Lazio was defeated by crony capitalist, democratic campaign donor and land grabber Carl Paladino. Warren Redlich wasnt able to get onto the Republican ballot via a challenge from one of Lazio's cronies.

Senator (Schumer)

Neocon Jay Townsend out neoconed his opponents in who will support Israel more and who wants to use the state gun to strip the Muslims in NYC of their land. This race is another Devil I do know vs Devil I dont.

Senator (Gillibrand)

Joe DioGuardi who made his campaign about economic issues and firmly believes that war should be only a last resort. Perhaps he has alittle Ron Paul in him but he beat his other slimeball opponents. I plan on voting for him


Maurice Hinchey current represents my district. Not much to report here George Phillips was the only Republican challenger who was defeated by Hinchey once before. Another Devil vs Devil election
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