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House Dems plan key vote on pre-existing conditions (1 Viewer)


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Aug 10, 2013
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The Dems ran and won in large part on health care. Their message discipline forced lots of GOP candidates to pretend to support pre-existing condition protections. Lots of those Republicans lost their races but I'm sure some won. Looks like the GOP's bluff will be called in early January when the Dems vote to intervene in the ongoing GOP-led legal battle to get those protections thrown out.

House Dems plan key vote on pre-existing conditions
House Democrats are planning to hold a vote to protect people with pre-existing conditions, a key issue that powered their victory on Tuesday, quickly after taking the majority next year.

A House Democratic aide said the vote would be on a measure to have the House of Representatives formally intervene in an anti-ObamaCare lawsuit to defend the health law.

House Democrats see the vote as an early way to highlight the issue of pre-existing conditions that helped them win back the majority, and potentially put House Republicans in a tough spot. Many House Republicans pledged during the campaign that they supported the protections for pre-existing conditions.
The lawsuit, brought by Texas and other GOP-led states, seeks to overturn all of ObamaCare. The Trump administration has supported it, specifically calling for the pre-existing condition protections to be struck down.

The measure would not require approval by the Senate or President Trump, as it would only authorize the House to intervene in the lawsuit.

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