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homosexuality is not a choice


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Nov 12, 2005
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why are those who are homophobic contantly bash and hate gay people? What are they afraid of? I am an "in the closet" "straight acting" homosexual and I can tell you there was never a day I said I wanted to be gay. I didnt choose it, it chose me. Why would I want to choose a difficult life like that and if the idea of two men being together is so disgusting, why would I be attracted to other men? I noticed that I was very differnt from other boys when I was around 4 or 5 years old. It was not something that I learned and it had nothing to do with how I was raised or the environment I grew up in because my brother and sister are straight. I do have a neurological disorder called Tourettes Syndrome. That is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. I think the wiring in my brain has something to do with me desiring other men. Its not like I want to be gay. I want to be straight but its like the wiring in my brain is fixed at being attracted to men. I dont live a gay lifestyle yet I am physically attracted to other men.

I dont understand why homophobes hate people like myself. The irony is that on my job I work with a classic homophobic who was in the military. When the topic of gay people comes up, he says he doesnt want to work with gay people and that he doesnt like them weither they do anything to him or not. He doesnt know that i'm gay becasue as I said I am a straight acting male. Ironically, he was the one who helped get me the job there via email contact. because of this, I have to work even harder to hide my sexual orientation because the guy could one day become my supervisor and you know what that means.

Being gay is not a choice. To demonstrate this to all the straight people reading this. What if you woke up in the twilight zone and being straight was considered being attracted to people of the same sex and being gay was being attracted to the opposite sex. Tell me this, could use choose or make yourself be sexually attracted to a member of they same sex? could you stop yourself from desiring people of the opposite sex? No you couldnt. You cant choose who you are attracted to. You see someone and a signal goes to your brain and tells you that person is attractive. In a gay person, in terms of sexual desire, its like being a woman in a man's body or if you are lesbian its like being a man in a woman's body. My brain interprets sexual desire the same way a woman's brain interprets its. Everything a womans physically likes in a man, a gay person likes in a man. Straight people think its disgusting to see two gay people together but our brains are not wired the same. For example, some people love the taste coconut and some people hate it. However if you love coconut, you didnt choose to like it. You tasted it and you liked it. Some people hate homosexuals becasue they say its not natural for two people of the same sex to be together yet homosexual behavior is found in many animal species, and especially in primates where its most common. Primates are closely related to humans. So I guess you could say it is natural because it is part of nature's balance even though its rare. Its also interesting that many straingt men think its disgusting and morally wrong for two men being together yet their mouths water when they see two women going at it on a porno flick.

Hopefully people will stop their hatred towards gay people. You dont have to except homosexualilty to treat gay people with kindness and decency. Hate is all the same, weither you hate someone becasue they are of a different race, religion, political party or sexual orientation, its all the same. Hate is Hate. Its not an easy life for me because i'm constantly in fear that someone is analizing me and firguring out my sexual orientation. I have no friends becasue I dont want to get too close to people. Its a very depressing life that NO ONE would want to choose.
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I actually found out some interesting information today. As I said I have a neurological disorder called tourette's Syndrome. Its a disorder that consist of involuntary tics such as eye blinking, head jerking, noise making, ect. anyway I did some more research into Tourette's Syndrome and found out that there is a highly significant statistical correlations between Tourette's Syndrome and an inclination to homosexuality. Tourette's Syndrome has been descibed as "the hub of neurological disorders". This is scientific confirmation that my attraction to other men is not a choice and is a result of something deeper and correlates with my Tourrette's Syndrome disorder. Tourette's causes high androgen levels in the brain and is has been noted that high androgen levels are found in homosexuals. If any of you have some interesting info or comments, please post. I'm sure there are a number of cause for homosexuality such as hormonal imbalances in the fetus during pregnacny.
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