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Homosexual attacks 36,000 little boys


Jul 11, 2005
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I notice that the homosexual friendly moderators seem to be editing out my posts when I post opinion not favorable to homosexuals, but when homosexuals post opinions not favorable to Phelps, or heteorsexuals, or Christians, the posts AMAZINGLY are untouched....now how about that! So much for "all opinions are welcome".

I guess anti-heterosexual and anti-Christian apartheid is alive and well here.

Now here is a news item that shows that perhaps the most prolific pedophile of all time is a male homosexual pedophile, which of coruse means the male homosexual pedophile sympathizers will try to concoct some cockamamie excuse about men having sex with boys is not homosexuality. How self-serving.....

Edited for brevity:

Despite being arrested at least nine times for molesting boys, Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller managed to avoid lengthy prison terms, coach youth football, move in with another convicted sex offender and be named by authorities as one of the most prolific child molesters in history.

Schwartzmiller's criminal record began 35 years ago, but he never registered as a sex offender and spent just 12 years in prison. In his time on the outside, police suspect he molested as many as 36,000 children in several states, Mexico and Brazil.

Wily, charismatic and "smarter than heck," is how James Kevan, one of his defence lawyers in the mid-1970s, described Schwartzmiller on Friday.

"He could write up legal documents better than most lawyers," Kevan said.

Often defending himself in court, Schwartzmiller got two of his four convictions overturned, even though the Idaho Supreme Court called him a repeat offender who "uses his intelligence to take advantage of the weak and oppressed and those who are in need."

With Schwartzmiller, 63, being held without bail on charges involving two San Jose boys, police and the FBI are trying to retrace his movements over the last 30 years.

A search of Schwartzmiller's San Jose home turned up spiral-bound notebooks with notes on more than 36,000 children, in categories such as "Blond Boys," "Cute Boys" and "Boys who say no" - together with codes appearing to indicate how he abused them, San Jose Police Lieutenant Scott Cornfield said.

Messages left for Schwartzmiller's public defender last week were not returned.

In court records released on Friday, authorities said Schwartzmiller lived for five years with another convicted sex offender whom he met in jail - Freddie Everts, 34. The pair allegedly lured boys to their home with gifts including skateboards, video games and a motor bike.

Everts said Schwartzmiller claimed to be dying from an undisclosed illness and was keeping notes on his "encounters with boys" for a manuscript, according to court records. Everts is in jail on charges he failed to register as a sex offender.

Kevan - the former attorney who was later disbarred - after having drug problems, he says - said he knew Schwartzmiller as Tim Miller, one of his dozen or so aliases, when they both lived in Mountain Home, Idaho, a small town near the Sawtooth Mountains.

"When I first met him, he was coaching a Little League football team. I helped him coach," Kevan said. "The parents all thought he was great. No one suspected a thing."

By that point, Schwartzmiller had already been convicted of molesting boys.
Ah, no outrage at all from anyone, especially the homosexual pedophile sympathizers, but you sure had a lot of posts when pro heterosexual Fred Phelps was up to his antics.
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