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History Is Not Over But the Neocons Are


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Aug 27, 2005
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Francis Fuyuyama, one of the founders of PNAC, wrote a paper called "The End of History". In it, he argued that the endpoint in human history had almost been reached, when all the world would be controlled by Liberal Capitalist Democracies, emphasis on the word Liberal, not Capitalist. The ideology of PNAC was that America should convert the world, not by example, but by force. Thus, the great lie came about which brought the Bushnevik regime to power - That they were Conservatives.

What we are witnessing today is the fruition of the end result of the arrogance championed by PNAC. Our military readiness is now in shambles. How can we convert the whole world when we cannot even convert a small nation like Iraq? The answer lies in another war, fought more than 200 years ago, when a group of small colonies defied the greatest power in the world at that time, and determined their own destiny. Yes, America wore the British down, and gained its freedom. Likewise, Iraq is seeking to determine its own destiny, and America is losing the will to impose its own will. There is one important difference, however. Rather than lead by example, we chose to impose by force, and that has made all the difference. A repressive regime, based on Islamic law will be the outcome. Yes, our own arrogance has ended up chaining the Iraqis, because they now hate the US too much to look at the good that could have come about based on the concept of a representative Republic.

The lesson to be learned here is that imposing one's ideology over others never works. Spain tried it. England tried it. The Nazis and Communists both tried it, but none could ever defeat the human spirit. Just like the old saying goes, we did not learn from history, and have doomed ourselves to repeat it.

Incidentally, Francis Fukuyama eventually renounced his own work, and quit PNAC last year. That resignation is a sign of things to come. The days of the Bushneviks are coming to an end.

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