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Hillary Clinton, Instigator Of Cop Killings


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Feb 1, 2010
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Hillary Clinton has allied herself with these people. She’s taken sides and she’s shown her true colors.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning on the theme of uniting America and the Obama lie of an America more united racially than most people believe to be true.

Out of the mouth of the Benghazi Bitch comes her pandering to black violence while she pretends to promote a unified Country.

Hillary Clinton’s life itself is an entire lie. She’s a world class liar and total incompetent. She’s a “yet to be tried and convicted felon.”

Hillary Clinton cannot rationally explain how her support for the black mob “Black Lives Matter” and their racist, evil and violent chants to kill cops will cause cops to take their finger off of the trigger when dealing with blacks. Quite the opposite reaction is inspired by the Benghazi Bitch and her BLM allies.

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