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Hillary Clinton Guilty of Filing False Reports


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Aug 27, 2005
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Hillary Clinton has agreed to pay a $35,000.00 civil fine for filing a false report on her fundraising activities. IMHO, this should have been made a criminal case.

While we are all pushing to rid our government of Delay and other dishonest Republicans, let us not forget that Democrats are crooks too. Hillary should resign her Senate seat.

Article is here.
I guess she did not learn well from "The Slickster."
More info about these shenanigans:
California courts have denied the Clintons' motions to dismiss, and the case is about to enter the discovery phase.

The civil suit, he says, is the only way to compel testimony from Sen. Clinton.

Paul argues Sen. Clinton knew about the false reports but refused to correct the record, allowing Grossman to file a third false report in response to an inquiry by the FEC.
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