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Hillary And The Working Class Divide


May 19, 2016
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The Clintons Have Lost the Working Class - The New Yorker

Have you ever poured a concrete deck in the middle of ****ing JULY!!!

Raked aggregate slush whilst traversing treacherous rebar? Do you know what sweat mingled with calcium oxide feels like?

All While or After physically dismantling the previous bridge?

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This is the "education" working class parents of college students and anyone who pays taxes to subsidize other peoples kids are paying for...

So some kids can learn a one liner, blow on a whistle and be bullies, while real students can't even study in peace...

Sit down Kanye
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What Weekend Was This?...

Who's payin who to do what?

I'm smelling something... and It ain't the good stank...

The Kanye guy and his handler need to stand down.

Edit: Again, security was told to stand down... see the pattern?
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