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Hide your valuables! SHE is coming!


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Jul 12, 2018
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"She" was Queen Mary, grandmother of today's Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.


Whenever she paid a visit to an individual or organization, the host/hostess would often hide treasured items, for Queen Mary would often express an appreciation for something, thus forcing the host/hostess to gift it to her.


Sometimes, the host/hostess was not intimidated by the royal presence.

One day Queen Mary drew attention to a particular blue vase among a collection of vases. The hostess did not say anything. The hostess then gave Queen Mary a tour of the house. As Queen Mary was ready to leave, she told the hostess that "I like them all, but I like that blue one best." The hostess replied, "So do I."


Source: The January 24, 2019, print issue of the London Review of Books, the letters column.
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