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HI! I'm eccentric.


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Oct 20, 2005
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I am currently active on "itsallpolitics.com", which is run by a seemingly extraterrestrial being. Considering my slight affiliation with the Green Party, I will recycle my welcoming post at that forum:

right click-copy-left click-paste

"I decided, after posting six times in two minutes, I would indroduce myself. My real name is James Bell the First, but you can call me Your Majesty, the Honorable Emporer Maxmillian Dracodactylus Septulku-Stronghammer XVII, Overlord of the Septonian Empire, Conqueror of the Zenorginiod Tyranny, son of Mathurin Constanino Stronghammer IV, Clan Lord of Destronia, if you want to. Bit long, but try and frequent using that name. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I don't like people. I'm a miserly hermit who strongly dislikes both libs and cons. I like libertarians, even though I am totalitarianistic myself (I feel people are too stupid and selfish to make decisions for themselves). I am thirteen years old, but I am relatively intelligent for my age. I have a mean IQ of 128, with a linguistic IQ of 134. I am already losing my mind. You can watch me spiral out of mental control during my stay.

I enjoy classic rock and classical music (favourite being Beethoven's ninth), I listen to the Doors, the Beatles, David Bowie, Deep Purple, etc. I also have many pets, in keeping with my hermitlike persona."

Here is the basic foundation of my unique ideology:

I'm devoutly atheist.

I oppose the mess....er...war in Iraq.

I think the President should wear a helmet and waterwings at all times for the sake of his safety, and be permitted only to play with toys that lack small parts, as he is prone to choking on tiny objects.

I think brass knuckles should be deemed legal.

I use the word "rationale" a lot.


I hope I enjoy my stay, because if I don't, I'll tell everyone on the other forum how this forum is not welcoming to the severely insane.
Hello Maxmillian!:2wave:

Damn...wish I had such a cool intro....welcome Max
We already have a "His Majesty" - HTColeman.

hehe, you guys can duke it out for the top spot.

Go back to the other forum and tell em we suck, but tell em just in case to check us out.

Welcome to Debate Politics!
Soooo, anyways, my name on itsallpolitics.com is Maxmillian, on politcalcrossfire it's Jimi the Kid.

Also, on nationstates.net, my country is the Empire of Pythonius.
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