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Hi all!

Michael Zaretski

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Sep 11, 2005
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Well ... where to start. I'm a Leftist, a staunch Liberal, but there's more to it than that.

When I say I'm a Liberal, I mean in my socioeconomic stance. I believe in private freedoms, and that people's lifestyles are none of the state's business, all up to the point of trampling on others, of course. And I believe that, though the free market can generate wealth, it can never distribute it fairly; the job of the state is to regulate the economy for that, and in order to force corporations to behave.

My foreign-politics stance ... now that's a little different from what you'd expect from a Liberal. My stance flows from the left-wing tenets I hold, but it's a bit unusual nowadays. Namely, I don't support political correctness, unrestricted multiculturalism and tolerance towards anti-democratic beliefs and actions. I hold, for example, that Muslims living in Western countries should be forced to accept Western values, even if they're against Allah's Law (shari'ah), on penalty of deportation. I hold that the dominionist forces of the world, whether Nazi or communist or Christian Reconstructionist or Islamist, can never be appeased, but must be fought to the end. I reject postmodernism, meaning the acceptance of all narratives as true--I hold the narrative of the West, based on 5th-century BCE Athenian democracy and 18th century Enlightenment values, to be the only valid one. Western values aren't a subject of debate, in my eyes.

So, for example, with regard to George W Bush: I oppose the socioeconomic way he's leading America to, his policies making the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. I support his War on Terror, the war against Islam (though I don't think the invasion of Iraq was the right step to take. It's much more a war of worldviews and minds than of arms and battalions).

That's all for now.
Welcome to Debate Politics!

I am confused. I look forward to hearing more on your unique position.
Welcom to Debate Politics, Michael!:2wave:

I've heard these positions stated many times before...but never from the same person!

Enjoy your stay!:2razz:
Glad to have you here.
I hope you enjoy it.
vauge said:
I am confused.

Liberal, left-winger, but not the postmodern, PC, suicidal, dhimmi, self-hating kind. Of the group that I like to call the Sane Left. For example, you won't hear from me any accusations of "American imperialism" and all that gunk that comes from the suicidal left. The only imperialists in my eyes nowadays are the Muslims, and the only thing I criticise the US Republicans for is their socieconomic policies.

Thanks for the welcomes. :)
Welcome Michael Zaretski :2wave:
Welcome to Debate Politics Michael! :2wave:

Hope to see ya on the threads!


Hiya and :wcm.

Missy Blonde :2wave:
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