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Hey Everyone, HTColeman (1 Viewer)




I've been posting quite a bit so I decided to introduce myself. I am slightly Liberal and Christian. I'll be going to my freshman year in college this fall. In high school I was on the debate team. Oh yeah, I live in the singular most conservative state in the nation, Texas. As far as my posts, I try not to get offensive, so correct me if I do. I think everyone has the right to their own opinion, but they shouldn't knock other opinions as ignorant. If that makes sense.
Welcome Aboard. Glad to add another Liberal into our ranks.
Arch Enemy said:
Welcome Aboard. Glad to add another Liberal into our ranks.

Another Liberal?...Uh-oh!...

See ya on the dance floor! ;)
:2wave: dang 10 caracter thingy... i just wanted to wave :mrgreen:
Alright, yes!!! w00t!! Someone my exact age!

Welcome to Debate Politics, and trust me, this will help you in debate should you continue on with it.

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