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Hey again.


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Jun 4, 2010
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Someone should delete that crap someone posted in my intro thread "Ecofarm".

I'm near Nairobi, to use my computer extensively for a couple weeks more, before returning to the rural area. I arrived in Kenya June 23. My research is going well. I'll check this place when I check drudgereport for some news from the states. Maybe I could even post a pic or two.

I'm listening to Leonard Cohen; everybody knows, democracy, and one of us cannot be wrong.

Have fun and don't be imbecilic like that stalker,


ps. Everything I wrote in my original intro "Ecofarm" is true. The research is going well.

pps. I always thought it would be pretty cool to have a stalker but I left that forum in disgust; the people there were horrible so I can't enjoy having a stalker from there. You've seen how they are and what they think is funny. Note, if a decent and nice person(s) would like to stalk me, please feel free - that might be cool.
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No stalker here. Just popping in to say "Hi".:2wave:
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