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help comes to those who help themselves

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Where is our help? What? this comming from people who are doing nothing better than sitting around making things worse for themselves and everyone else. What ever happened to the idea of not asking for help but asking what can i do to help out. these people in the storms path have gone through hell. but at some point they should get past the poor me attatude, and i would think try to rebuild. i would go as far a to say why are they not filling sand bags, and bucket burgade them alone the levees to fill in the holes. I live IL on the banks of the mississippi and theres always flooding near here, and whole communities band togather to sandbag areas. i've personally volunteered at such emergencies, a wonderful experience, there are still good people in the world. Know i know that perhaps this situation is on a much grander scale than our flooding rivers, so if the percentages where the same the number of people that should be voluntering should be in the thousands, and if a couple of hundred people put up a fight with a river. surely a couple of thousand people could repair a levee. which they have to do if they ever want to make it habitable again. i don't even see anybody removing fallan trees, other hurricans it seems would go through and soon after you see people out with chainsaws cleaning everything up. now perhaps this is going on and the media like normal only cover the gloom and doom to get the ratings. to me this whole situation in New Orleans shows the dependence, on government, that has been created by government aid programs(welfare). its getting so bad that even the mayor of New Orleans instead of trying to help is mad at the federal government for not helping enough. personally i believe that it wouldn't be the wisest thing to even rebuild New Orleans, at its present location. Mark it down as a loss(i know i'm heartless), learn from it, and build a new city, hopefully where common sense is used in the planning. I know your answer money cost, buying out all the houses and businesses, and i don't have an answer for your answer. So we do the cheap thing rebuild under sea level.

What happens if somebodys land litterly washes into the sea, say a mudslide(West Coast). are they just out of luck or does the government buy there nonexistant land. Does geico have mudslide insurance.
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