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Jul 8, 2005
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Cleveland, OH
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Just thought I'd say hello. I happened upon this site via google after leaving another political site. Hopefully this will be a good fit. As far as my politics, I consider myself a conservative Republican, but many in my party do not. I'm supposedly a social "liberal" on issues like gay marriage and gay adoption. What makes me a conservative is economic/fiscal policy. I'm a corporatist! I tend to vote on economics and very rarely on social policy.

Welcome to Debate Politics!

From my perspective, it is very hard to find a clean straight line Republican or Democrat.
Straight ticket voting, that is another matter.

It's amazing, a some young adults come in saying they are very liberal, yet are very adamant about some core conservative ideas - vice versa with some of us older gens too.

Our parties are changing right before our eyes.
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