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Hello there. ^_^


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May 21, 2005
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Chicago, Illinois.
Well, I came upon this site via Google. Seeing as I have a mild intrest in politics and current events, I decided to join. It looks like a small cozy community, so I hope this will be a great place.

As for me, I'm an moderate conservative that seems to be the kind that pisses everyone off one way or the other unintentionally. :p But you seem like nice people. :2razz:

By the way, if any of you wish to add me to your AIM or MSN lists, here are my contacts:
AIM: neccy60
MSN: neccy60@gmail.com

Well, er...that's al I can think to say right now. Thank you for reading.
Welcome to Debate Politics! :)

In your "User CP" (user control panel) there are spots to add your AOL/MSN/Yahoo etc...

If one is logged into the service, they can send you a message throught he forums.
Welcome! Yes it still is a small cozy community...I do hope it stays that I way as I dislike having to debate with threads 1,000's of posts long.

Oh and don't worry, conservatives tick off people unintentionally as much as liberals do :mrgreen:
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