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Hello from Bullseye! (1 Viewer)

We can have as many Bullseyes are we want, as long we we don't have a Daredevil.
A hearty "How DO U Do!" to the New Bullseye from Hawkeye!

The eyes have it!

How to you shout to homies with no location?

I think you should just start over unless you are a TDS'er and just can't help yourself.

He knows who he is speaking to.
He knows who he is speaking to.

While that statement is quite true, I would hate for anyone to think they couldn't become homies over time as well.

That said, that shout out was for those of us who are coming from elsewhere.

To those that have always been here, hope to get to know you as well as I know my fellow Hannity ship jumpers.
Easy fix. Bullseyeqcs will be referred to as Bullseye and Bullseye will be referred to as Bullseye2.
Should that be the other way around - I'm the "original" Bullseye. :cool:
:lol: WTF happened over at Hannity to make everybody jump ship?


It was a rhetorical question.

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