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Well, I'm not too old and I'm not that young. I'm really just starting all this politics business but not for the sake of politics. It's more a jouranlism thing so I won't be dipping into a lot of the excess conversations that take place...maybe.

I do have three main areas where I tend to focus my concentration
* The Middle East and US?Israel Relation: this is my foremost field. I am relatively new to the subject as it has just become a topic of interest with the relatively recent cmapaign (Gulf War) as well as the other campaigns that are currently being waged. Most intensely I have begun to center in on Israel and the controversy surrounding this nation- from it's birth to the present day. This subject tends to be touchy with many and there seems to be e general censorship about it that is widespread but I will do my best to relay my information in a way that will be formiddable and still open to differing opinion. On this subject, I am dedicated.

* The US Economy: this is really a field that branches not only into the world economy through necessity, but a study of world history and the eco-political-social factors that lead up to this day. Following this subject- and the above and other subjects- I quickly realized how people tend to conceptualize information and do not present the three dimensional view. When related to people, any issue has three dimensions. The physical, mental, and spiritual factors. What many people don't realize is that the nation is an economic institution. It's a large corporation or factory. The government is merely the legal administration and representation. It keeps the order in the system. This was truly a treat to research but I got side-tracked with the Middle-East. Anyone interested can begin where I began, which was researching the world-wide economic booms and busts. You will find a most interesting trend- specifically how it correlates directly to the inflow and retraction of massive credit. Enough of that for now...

* A reinterpretation of history: or perhaps a clarification. I have begun to realize from all of my readings into all this stuff that there is a substantial amount of information both basic and complex missing from our cncept of national and world history. However, with determination and persistence one can peice together small amounts and draw some tentative conclusions. While I cannot draw definite facts I can debunk many misconceptions. This is more a hobby though...

** Religion: this was my bread and butter as a kid. I could argue this subject until the seasons roll around. I am athiest but I am not evil, just so you know. I do wage a sort of war against the concept of organized religion versus free thought. I find religion to be an authoritative, pre-packaged set of values handed to people with just enough wiggle room in individual practice to give the illusion of ease. I have found that people never argue on ehalf of their religion or god, they argue on behalf of themselves. All questions about this religion are seen as an offense to them. And poking holes in the various psuedosciences that try to re-introduce information in the bible to the modern mind raises all manner of emotional recourse. But I accept all replies in all sorts of moods. There is no truth in not being allowed to reply the way you want to. Just know that it relfects on you as a person.

Overall, I hope to learn more from what I find here and I hope to talk with people as well. Looking forward to it.

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