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Hear His Voice



Hear His Voice

Sami is a good guy, he did not hate any person, even that, even the people that stole his land, before he was born.

He believed that he and his land-occupying citizens can live peacefully together, and can share their dreams together too.

He is not a religious guy, but there are some places can be considered as holly places, not only for him, but also for his country and nation.

One day a person called X claimed that he wants peace, and Sami heared also that this man was responsible for a lot of slaughters against his people, entered his holly place in his occupied country, at that moment he became so angry.

He went with other crowd in a demonstration against this invasion for his holly place, since this criminal entered his holly place with about 1000 soldiers, he still hopes that there exist a solution in which this two nations can live peacefully side by side, but without enabling such criminals from reaching the head of government.

All the people in that demonstration shouted against this invasion, and they asked the world to interfere and to prevent such events against holly places. That was all what he can or will do that moment!

They reached a crowd of soldiers, they wanted only to show them that they are all against such events, and after enabling this message to reach, coming back to home again, hopefully this invasion will not occur again.

But That Was Not What Happened
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