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"He will show he's togher." Putin Likely To Strike Back At Trump: Kremlinologists


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Jan 29, 2015
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'He will show he's tougher.' Putin likely to strike back at Trump: Kremlinologists​

Russian President Vladimir Putin may retaliate after President Trump canceled a weekend meeting in Argentina over Russia’s detention of Ukrainian sailors, experts said after the surprise announcement Thursday.
About an hour after saying he "probably" would meet Putin at the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Trump tweeted that he would cancel the meeting “ased on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to Ukraine,” surprising critics who accused him of being soft on Putin... But the snub — the second this month, after a Paris meeting also was scrapped — may provoke Putin in the near-term, rather than steer his actions toward U.S. interests, experts say... "They will not do anything they would not have done anyway. Trump is right to set limits to our tolerance of the encroachments by Russia in the right of free navigation," said Satter, a former journalist expelled from Russia in 2013.... "These meetings are more important to Putin than they are to us," Satter said. "If Trump had proceeded with the meeting it would have suggested that relations with Russia are too important for the U.S. to react to Russian violations. By canceling it, we drive home the opposite message and give the Russians an incentive to behave a little bit better in the future."

Obama colluded and kowtowed with Vladimir Putin openly for years and was exposed doing so in the 2012 election when he wa caught on open microphone sending a message to him through then president Medvedev. Putin's a vicious little dick, but he's limited in what he can do. He's not going to nuke us, and their economy is not big enough to threaten us (if it were listed among our individual states, it would be fourth largest) in any meaningful way.
None of what president Trump does will acceptable to the Progressive Marxist Socialist Democrat Left. It’s done to fit their agenda...Obama's legacy and false promises still come back to haunt him each time Putin attacks the Ukraine.
Remember that after Obama sent his open mike message to Vladimir Putin invaded the Ukraine, stole territory including the port Sevastopol and built a bridge between the stolen territory and Russia over a narrow strait between the Black See and the Sea of Azov. He then declared that the entire strait is Russian water and Ukrainian ships (which have ports on the Sea Of Azov) must ask for permission to pass. In other words, he's put up an blockade that cut off all Ukrainian shipping and gets to decide who can pass in violation of recognized boundaries. It's a thug move.
Now he's seized those naval ships to emphasize that he stole that land fair and square and he controls that water and Ukraine better not try to say otherwise or he'll pop them like pimple. That's it. It's a bullying move.
In the end, the port of Sevastopol is never going back to Ukraine, at least not without a perpetual lease or something like it being given to Russia. That's what this is all about. Obama looked the other way when Russia seized it in 2014, now short of military intervention there's isn't much that can be done to get them out. Other than the Democratic Party Marxist Socialists, Putin stole territory and they approve of it. Obama looked the other way when Russia invaded Georgia, invaded the Ukraine and seized the Crimea in 2014, short of military intervention there's isn't much that Trump can do to get them out.
The citizens of Crimea don't want him out. Putin won't do or change anything. Why should he? The USA/CIA/NED worked hard and spent $5 billion in Ukraine to foment a Coup d'Etat but failed to get the jewel, Crimea, and won't recognize or admit to their failed electioneering. See Dr. Butthurt McBalm.
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