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Have you heard of Confucius Institutes?


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Apr 22, 2019
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China has spent $10 billion to open over 500 "Confucius Institutes" globally, in dozens of countries in the US.

These institutes are extensions of the Chinese government, pushing Chinese government and attempting to censor things like information on Tiananmen Square, Tibet or human rights in China. They advertise themselves as 'promoting the culture of China'.

They open with educational institutions. One of the agreements they and the institutions sign was obtained, which said the education institution agrees to abide by all laws of their country *and China*. But they put some money from the Chinese government into the institutions.

There are many stories of the institutions putting pressure on the schools to follow the Chinese government's wishes, such as censoring content. Sweden finally had enough and closed all of them in their country.

I think, too, that they have encouraged many American public schools that teach the Chinese language to use the simplified characters of the Chinese language instead of the traditional characters that are still used in Taiwan.

(If you visit the BBC's Chinese language section, for example, you can choose which characters you wish to read.)

(Being 84, I remember when Americans loved the Chinese people, and vice versa. Today, sadly, many Americans and Chinese no longer harbor this feeling.)
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