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Has "no compromise" become all consuming?


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Nov 10, 2016
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It kind of started as no compromise between the parties. If A GOPer had a good idea it would be shot down by the Dems and visa versa. Now it seems to me that the groups making up the two parties have begun to have no compromise with the rest of their party. This seems to have come to a head in the GOP with the advent of first the Tea Party and now the Freedom Group. It is now starting with the Dems with the more conservative groups who appose Pelosi and the progressives who seem to think everyone should just follow their lead. We have no real statesmen in either party that can bring the groups within the parties together. In a way we seem to have three or even four parties in reality. It also seems that the idea of "no compromise" has become all consuming within our politics. What do you think?
We have plenty of compromise but not necessarily for the better. We have more federal spending (the demorats like that) than federal taxation (the republicants like that) but that compromise results in a federal deficit and nobody seems to like that.
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