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Has Lewis Libby Been Flipped for Cheney Indictment? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 27, 2005
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The New York Daily News is going to report tomorrow that a major figure in the Valerie Plame affair has been flipped, and is spilling all, which has led to Cheney being under the microscope. If this is true, the obvious flipee has to be Lewis Libby. According to the report, this flipping has also led to the investigation being extended to the "White House Iraq Group", the organization begun by Cheney and Andrew Card to sell the war to the American People.

It was also announced today that the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, is going to announce the results and indictments not in Chicago, but in Washington DC itself, which could indicate a very explosive news story is about to happen.

Indictments will come either late this week or early next week, unless Fitzgerald chooses to extend the grand jury's term.

Article is here.
Cheney doesn't accept subpoenas.

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