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Happy belated Hello......


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Dec 14, 2005
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New Hampshire
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Very Conservative
Hi, I’ve met a few of the fine people here already, but I would like to give you a short bio of myself.
I’m a combat veteran of the Vietnam war and I’m 56 years old. I’m 100% permanent and totally disabled with PTSD. I prefer you call me ‘kid’ because I was first traumatized as a kid--thus the ‘kid’ in ptsdkid.
I have 3 ex wives that were too overbearing and too vociferous for my liking or my nerves to take. I was once a strong Conservative, but the constant attacks on liberals by my ex wives forced me to pander somewhat to the liberal causes. Since dumping my ex’s, I’ve learned to be more compassionate to others, to be more touchy/feely by leaving my bleeding heart out on the end of my sleeve for all to notice and admire.
You may have noticed that I’m trying every day to learn how to be a liberal--as seen with my ‘How do I become a liberal’ post.
I hope to gain friendships and tips on how to be the best liberal possible from you fine people. I’ve already been welcomed here with open arms by the wonderful moderators, despite some of them claiming to be Republicans. Until I get a complete grasp of the forum proceedings, I’ll just try to remain the non partisan that you’ve all seen so far.
Thank you for your time…..Sincerely….KidTim
Belated welcome to you pstdkid. We might have had a few spats, but it's nothing personal, welcome to the board!:lol:
Welcome. Welcome.

Glad you decided to join up.
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