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Yeah, I don't get them very often, because I only drink on special occasions. My body just can't handle routine drinking.
But when I do, they suck.
Best thing to do is drink a lot of water (preferably after drinking and before going to sleep, but as soon as you wake up is better than nothing), eat something substantial and comforting, and take Ibuprofen.
Even so, you probably won't feel like yourself for the rest of the day.
If I can just get rid of the headache, I consider it a success.
There's really no way to get rid of the generalized fatigue and draggy feeling.
You just have to give the toxins time to cycle out of your body.
Generally if I get wasted I order waters with all of my beers, which forces me to drink at least some of it. But if I'm still hung over in the morning, I get up as soon as I wake up (no suffering in bed), drink about a gallon of water, take a ton of Ibuprofen, take a shower, maybe eat some bread, and then go back to bed. About 95% of the time that does the trick.
Drink lots of water or Gatorade and take an extra dose of your vitamins. A B Complex when you wake up will help with a lot of the symptoms.
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