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Hamas Refuses Israel’s Delivery of Flotilla Supplies


Jun 1, 2010
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Hamas Refuses Israel’s Delivery of Flotilla Supplies (Update1) - BusinessWeek

Why must the fail continue?

"Al-Kurd said Hamas was waiting for instructions from the Turkish government on whether to accept the supplies.

“We will wait for a Turkish green light to receive the aid because this flotilla was flying the Turkish flag,” he said. “Once it decides we should take the aid, we will take it.” "

My fav show is the Muppets....sounds like puppets...hm..
and some people said this whole thing was genuine, non-politicised aid giving
I bet they did a vote on it and decided that as long as the top officials got steaks on their table, everything is fine :roll:

This is clear proff that non of these organizations care bout the people of Gaza, they only care on their image...When you are starving, you do not reject food cause of principles...thats Hollywood you want..you took the wrong turn :roll:
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