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Gun Owners can Help Reduce Gun Violence

The anti gun community seems full of answers to restrict legal and responsible gun owners, and they truly believe that will reduce the violence. I disagree. Restricting legal ownership and responsible people would do very little to stop a mentally disturbed person from killing his parent and taking their guns. I wish the anti gun community would challenge the pro gun community to solve the problem and not mock their pro gun solutions. So how can the pro gun community help?

The gun show loop hole. This new and cry exists in many states as a "huge" problem. Is it? I haven't seen stats that suggest guns going through shows being used in crimes, but I still have a solution. Allow gun owners that volunteer to idenitify themselves as gun owners, pass a basic safety test, have the right to buy at shows free of government intrusion. Someone who does not own a gun, is unwilling to volunteer their status as a gun owner, or has not passed a safety test needs to go through a background check and wait period. This gives a lot back to the pro gun community and still offers the protections needed for society.

Reduce the costs if not the standards for concealed weapons permits. Encourage good people to get them and carry them in places we fear gun men could target. Create a simple law that enables any states CCW permit holder to carry on any public and government property including schools and other government facilities. This broad step would tell anyone thinking of committing a horrible act they are likely to run into gun toting victims - so don't. If I were a school concerned with safety I'd offer a pay increase of a few % to any adults that qualify and want to be responsible to carry at school. That is a better answer, to me, than the NRA's guard at every school solution.

Anti gun people note the horrific violence with guns in America and often tout the terrible figures of thousands dead. Yet if you look at rural America in places where gun ownership is high the violence levels are low. It is in or inner cities and urban neighborhoods where this problem is pervasive. Chicago, Detroit, and Oakland are three glaring examples of the worst. What can help them? I'd argue for a voluntary system much like the mandated one in switzerland. The voluntary system would recruit volunteers, coach them, train them, and allow them to maintain fairly high powered military style semi-autos in their homes and ask them to come to the aid of police when needed in their neighborhoods, blocks or even just buildings. The key would be the volume. We'd need hundreds if not thousands of qualified people ready to help if needed. This would make such areas more difficult for gangs and thugs to operate.

More Guns Less Crime isn't a slogan. It is a well researched book that is mocked and ignored by the anti gun community. That is shameful to anyone that wants greater safety for people. I dare say those mocking the pro gun solutions are far more desirous of control over people than safety for people.
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