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Guitarchick54 and Courtneyx3

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Jun 16, 2005
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Note: This is in the wrong place, i'm aware...but i'm sure they wouldn't read it elsewhere.

Hi everyone,

I was looking for another political forum to post in (I am an active user at a few other bigger forums but was attempting to scope out some intelligent debates elsewhere too) and stumbled across Debate Politics. Nice site, I really like the layout and the format...the moderators or intelligent guys of the forum can PM me if they'd like to chat about politics or to grab a link to some other healthy discussions at other sites.

Anyway, the reason i'm posting is I would like to address Guitarchick54 and Cournteyx3.

Grow up.

Your god is NOT the only god, your views are NOT the only views accepted in the world. You are probably the two most ignorant and foolish people I have ever came across in my 8 years on internet message boards. Your arguements are incredibly immature and your view of life is extremely naive. You simply cannot argue everything with "my god says so". Your hatespeak is breathtakingly stupid.

I am speechless.

Really...i'm speechless.

Love the respectfully at the end. And in memory of the Broadway show I just saw...

My Cup Run-eth...OVER!
The more I read their posts...they have to be a joke...right?


First and foremost - welcome.

Second, I moved your thread here as this has nothing to do with Gay marriage or Gay Rights.

Third, what makes your opinion any better than thiers?

Fourth, if we didn't have a policy of not deleting topics - this would be gone. It seems to serve no purpose.

Boy, that's a terrible, terrible forum policy.

Did I say my opinion was anymore valid than theirs. Nope.

Do I think they need to realize they are immature and naive? Yes.

Every single one of their posts is devoid of any rational thought.

If I were hearing them in person i'm sure there would be a lot of giggling...that's just the vibe I get. No worries mate, this is my last post here anyway. I would like them to read it though.
Boy, that's a terrible, terrible forum policy.
What exactly is terrible about moving a topic to it's correct location?

This really should have gone to the basement.

No worries mate, this is my last post here anyway. I would like them to read it though.
If you sole purpose was to post this drivel - then I wish you all the best.

If however you wish to make insight and forthright comments that warrant discussion or debate please stay and enjoy the warm atmosphere. You are indeed welcome here. Sure we are a small forum in the gist of things, but many of us are very happy with the diversity and quality discussion amoung this community.
Was referring to the not deleting posts as a terrible policy.
There are indeed cases where posts are deleted. But, those are few and far between.

Why should we delete a post just because we don't like what they have to say?
We attempt our best to stand by our claim of being unbiased.
Ah, okay, By what you said I assumed you didn't delete ANY topics. Whew. I am a mod at a few larger forums and an admin at a small one and I can say that would be a very bold thing to do. :)
I agree with that. There are a few posts that have been posted here that are better off in the trash.

Mind shareing the forums you admin? PM is ok as well. If not, that is perfectly understandable.
Why not just respond to individual posts? There are a few people on here who I consider to be a$$ cakes but I don't make a special post for them. Do you think that they are going to completely change their opinions and the way that they express them because some dude on a message board thinks they should? Highly unlikely.

BTW--Welcome to the board.
Wow. I am glad I ran into this thread. How immature are you posting this? Too bad that we have our beliefs and thats what were sticking to. We never said you have to believe it. We share what we believe and you ask why and we tell you. Big Deal. This is what the forum is for, debating. So we WILL and we will state what be believe and we dont really care if you like it or not. Posting this thread is NOT going to make us stop posting and its NOT going to make us change what we believe in. Thanks for being immature.

Courtneyx3 said:

IF it werent written based on our religion then why cant gays MARRY? :rofl :doh

Courtneyx3 said:
No I didnt make a choice! I am going with how I was made and how nature works and how everyone is SUPPOSE TO BE!

Yes there are, dont you see how many people dislike the unaturalness of being gay! YEA!

Guitarchick54 said:
BS They can to choose whether or not they are gonna be attracted to the same sex or not!

Guitarchick54 said:

Courtneyx3 said:
I am not being "bigotry"

Courtneyx3 said:
I really dont care what you think of me. Good for you, you must be a good mom. HA NOT! :rofl

Courtneyx3 said:
okay, we are in the 20th century.. And your NOT in Shakepeare or whatever you want to quote.

Guitarchick54 said:
WAKE UP! Take a step outside your little world for a rew min.! ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

Courtneyx3 said:
Thanks for being immature.

My sentiments exactly.
Closing this thread - it serves no purpose.
If you wish to discuss your opinions, please do so in the appropraite area.
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