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Spirit of Nirvana

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May 31, 2005
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I would like to say hello to you all, this is not my first post but this is my first day here.

I am a revolutionary socialist and a Marxist. My political mentors as I would call them are Karl Marx, Fredriech Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Rosa Luxemburg.

I use to be a Trotskyist but I began to fade into Maoism and then I wound up Eco-Leftism.

Now I am a simple "Marxist" but by no means am I Stalinist and I frequently disagree with authoritarian sentiments in Marxism-Leninism but I am not affraid to co-operate and comrpomise with them, nor am I afraid to compromise with anyone on the left.

Personally, I am a Christian pantheist and a rural High School students.
I aspire to go to college and earn a major in civil engineering and a minor in economics.

I am currently learning Spanish, German, and Maltese.

How did you all like my autobiography :p?
Hi Spirit of Nirvana !


I am looking forward to reading more of your views. :mrgreen:

Have Fun and Happy Posting !​
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