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Aug 20, 2010
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Hello, I was surfing the web for a good discussion forum. This website appears to be well maintained and professional from what I have seen so far. I love a good mind stimulating discussion and I dont mind having my ideas challenged. I would describe myself as a libertarian/conservative, however I am pragmatic person and believe that we should do whats in the best interest for the freedoms of which our country is founded up.

Just a word on my screen name, Ductus Exemplo is latin for "Leadership by Example". This is a leadership trait that I find severely lacking in todays society. It was taught to me at a young age and reinforced at a very severe and rigorous training school for the US military. Leadership by example is easily spoken about but is another story when put into practice, a la our politicians today.

At any rate I look forward to debating and discussing issues with many on this forum. Maybe I'll change some opinons or maybe my opinions will change. Socrates said the point of a debate isn't to win, but to discover the truth.
Welcome aboard! I hope we meet all of your expectations. :)
"Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters"
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