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GREEN PARTY Stance on media bias


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Aug 23, 2005
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South Shore of Long Island.
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"Opposition to Media Bias and Media Concentration
The mass media in the United States is extremely concentrated, and the messages that they send are too broadly uniform. Six global corporations control more than half of all mass media in our country: newspapers, magazines, books, radio and television. Our democracy is being swamped by the confluence of money, politics and concentrated media. We must reclaim our democracy from the accelerating grip of big-money politics and concentrated corporate media. This requires real campaign finance reform, which means public financing of public elections; some free access to ballot qualified candidates on television and radio; vigorous antitrust regulation and enforcement; ending broadcasters' free licensed use of the public airwaves; and the reversion of some organized time on our publicly owned airwaves to establish audience-controlled radio and TV networks to ensure the diversity of voices and solutions necessary for a really free press and a true civic democracy. "

The green party has a lot of interesting ideas but this is something that I don't support. In my opinion, the media is one thing the gov't should stay away from. People have an obligation to inform themselves and if the gov't starts regulating media, then we won't have a free press.
Governement ran media is just another step toward the usually unintentionaly travelled road to serfdom.

To me the CBC and the BBC are not much different than former Soviet Russia's Pravda or the official media outlets of other totalitarian and former totalitarian states.
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