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Green Energy, Made in Maryland!

If Mitt Romney and the rest of the GOP presidential field had its way, employees at General Motors would still be looking for minimum wage, part time jobs. But thanks to the President's decision to save the auto industry, there's good news tonight! Good news for the economy. Good news for the Earth. Good news for the people of Maryland.

General Motors announced Wednesday that they will manufacture the electric motors for their Spark EV Battery Electric Car at the GM Plant in White Marsh, Md. According to a story in Green Car Reports, this announcement represents GM's following through on a promise they made last year to add electric motor production at their White Marsh plant. And that may not be the end of the good news for White Marsh.

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Aug 17, 2011
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So what you're really saying is that you approve of Obama (with no business background) over-turning contracts in order to save union jobs. Too bad for the investors who had their savings invested through secured loans, right?
After all, why should you care if teachers, police, firemen, and others lost their savings just so long as your union workers got what they wanted.
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