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Great News! Inner city democrats starting to wake up.


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Jul 29, 2009
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This man (who I suspect was African-American) that called in to Al Sharpton's radio show, gives me real hope for America's future. Listen to this clip, especially you democrats/liberals, because it's a preview of your political future.

For those of you who can't listen to the clip from Youtube, or because of ideology, aren't capable of listening to it, here's the transcript of the call:

SEAN IN CHICAGO: Reverend Al, I’ve been following you since the eighties ever since Tawana Brawley, brother you’ve had a place in my heart that is special.

But, I’m from Chicago and the Democrats here can’t stand on their record Reverend Al. That’s why the people are not coming out to vote because they’ve been abused and misused. And I would just like to end with this that the Democratic Party has controlled the state government for at least ten or fifteen years.

The Democratic Party has controlled Chicago for at least 50 years and the blacks in Chicago and the blacks in the State of Illinois are worse off here Reverend Al, you should come to Chicago so that you can see how bad they treat the people and now you gonna ask the people that you’ve been beaten down smacked up for ten or fifteen years to vote for me?

I’m not that ignorant Reverend Al. I’m not going to keep expecting different results doing the same thing. Love you brother, out of here. (caller hangs up)
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