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Gradually learning politics more. I have no sides and have my doubts, inlucing on the obamas.


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Sep 3, 2020
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1. I question how wholesome Obama's image is? How do you think he did as a president? What are places he failed at? I don't like how he honored war criminal Kissinger and that kids in cages started under his presidency.
2. What would be 3-5 solid points to argue against:
a)Michelle Obama?
b)Cortez? She seems too idealistic and unrealistic to say the least, although she's a better candidate than many.
c)Omar? She's an anti semitic who married her brother.
d)Bernie? I have doubts on him the least but he seems too much like a participation award guy; equal pay regardless of work if I'm not mistaken.
e) Mitch Mcconell? he strikes me as racist.
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