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Government workers lazy?

Top two items at Politics - Business Insider :

Obama: There’s a misperception that government workers don’t work hard

Teacher who tackled Indiana school shooter: I had to save students

Brings up a few ideas.

In my experience all but one of my teachers were committed to their work, to varying degrees. I graduated high school in So Cal 1971.

Government worker's motivation can come into question, as there are laws for hiring and firing government workers. But consider the alternatives.

Previously in U.S. history hiring and firing of government workers was done was done by the head of each agency. That eventually led up the line to a political appointment, and it was badly abused.

So laws were written to encourage merit based hiring - This article discusses those laws Can You Get Fired From Civil Service Jobs? by Kevin Owen, Chron

It seems now were are going in the reverse direction, bringing back Jacksonian favors system. I read Jackson got a bad rap on that, as it was standard practice. Some just didn't like the people Jackson appointed.
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