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Government ops test!


Klattu Verata Nicto
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May 19, 2005
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Alright, so here goes.
A new CIA position opened up and three extremely well qualified candidates were all competing for this rare and possibly once in a lifetime opportunity.
The three men were all married, one, a young guy in his mid twenties found out about the job right after getting back from his honeymoon, the other, a man married for about 5 years in his mid thirtees, and the last guy, about 48 and married for over twenty-five years.
When it came time to test their will they were all seperated and taken to different rooms in the complex, the first man, the newlywed was informed that his beloved bride was on the other side of the door and that he would have to shoot her to prove that he could handle the worst of situations, right away he declined and left for the private sector.
The second man is presented the same challenge and took the gun out of the testers hands, after about five minutes he came out and said "guys, I just couldn't do it, that is my longtime wife and the mother of my children, I'm sorry, but you'll have to give the job to one of the other guys." and he walks away dissapointed but relieved that he still had his wife by his side.
The older gentleman, when directed to take the same challenge goes into the room, after about 30 seconds you hear him cursing, a woman screaming and about ten to fifteen minutes of the loudest struggle one would hear, he comes back out and the CIA director asks what all the noise was about, the man responds "Oh yeah, that, well, some jackass thought it would be funny to load the gun with blanks, I had to strangle the bitch so it took a little longer than I hoped it would."

Nothing like a good one over morning coffee - :coffeepap
LMAO!!!! lol, good one :D
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