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Got rugby?

Do you play rugby?

  • Yes I do!!

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • No I do not.

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters
I do sometimes for fun with friends but I also play football so yeah. American football rocks but Rugby is ok if you like to play something different.
I play at my school (MSOE) and the only reason that it is rugby is that the school does not have a football team, but the social life after the games makes all the hard work and pain worth it! :2razz:
I used to play,it's practically compulsory here in Wales.I don't play any more and haven't done so for a long time,other than a quick knock around with my sons,but I enjoy watching my local team.
I'm pleased to see that it's gaining popularity in the US.
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