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GOP: What Next?

These are excerpts from my newest blog post over at AntiPaulbot.com It's too long to post it all here and too pretty over there to ruin here. So please read the full article if you like what you hear below.

Folks we are now in a full blown civil war. Many members of the establishment warned us that this would happen if Romney lost the election in November. Is the GOP really changing or is it all a phony show? These days it seems that no matter what the “establishment” does, it pisses off the Conservatives! It makes them louder, more emotional, crazier, and more power hungry. Despite pleas from Jindal and others, but sh, he might be a RINO, so you can’t listen to Jindal.

Since when did Conservatives start acting like Liberals? Oh right. It’s when they didn’t get exactly what they wanted!!!! Oh right... It's bad to follow the rules and go with the guy that wins the primary.

You may all wonder why I seem to hate libertarians so much and that's because I see a real danger of those values seeping into the party's core. To lots of Republicans, libertarians are more appealing than the socons. It boggles my mind as to why exactly that is. I frankly think it's because A) the libertarian ideals haven't been properly castrated by the liberal media yet as have the SoCons and B) A lot of youngsters are conservatives on economic issues and very very liberal on social issues. If that were to happen, I would find myself without a party.

Romney suddenly became utterly confused when supposed members of his own party started calling him an Etch A Sketch. This was the first time Conservatives and Liberals aligned in two years!

Why are conservatives acting like a bunch of crybabies? What happened to their plans to stop Obama? Are Tea Party Leaders only in it for Republican Money?

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