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GOP Senate Candidate Calls Marxist Revolutionary Che Guevara Her "Beacon," Is Fightin


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Apr 13, 2011
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Last month, in front of a crowd of roughly 30 friends and supporters, Dr. Annette Bosworthannounced her candidacy for US Senate at her family farm in Plankinton, South Dakota. Like many Republican Senate and House candidates, she is passionate about tax policy. "Never have a people been taxed as heavily as the American People and still called Free," Bosworthtweeted in July. Like so many Republicans, she has made the defunding and repeal ofObamacare her No. 1 issue. (She heads Meaningful Medicine, a private practice in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.)But unlike most Republican candidates out there, Bosworth is apparently a fan of Argentine Marxist revolutionary leader Che Guevara.
Below is a photo from a Facebook post from October 2012 (recently flagged by a progressive South Dakota blog called the Madville Times) in which Bosworth sports a T-shirt bearing a "Che" signature. "Che Guavera- You are my beacon! Here is to making this next chapter of my life the adventure for my kids and my family," she writes.

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This woman strikes be as a pretty big moron, and for some reason i dont think Che Guevara would be on her side in her "fight"..
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