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GOP Rep. McClain falsely claimed that Trump caught Osama bin Laden. (1 Viewer)

I was trying to think of a case where Democrats could take credit for something Republicans did dishonestly, and can't think of anything Republicans did to take credit for.
"Alternative Facts."

Use them when history is not to your liking. :whistle:
I can tell you right now what the Trump cult talking points will be.

A) “Who cares?”

B) “Biden opposed that raid, you know!”

C) “Yeah, well Trump got random minor jihadist leader #42102872 and that’s BETTER than killing Bin Laden because Trump did it, MAGA!”

D) “Bin Laden’s not really dead, the Deep State faked his death to make the Democrats look better come election time and he agreed because the Democrats promised to give him Afghanistan back! That’s why Biden botched the withdrawal, so he and his Taliban buddies could take back over!”

And, when all else fails, back to A.

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