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GOP Lawmakers Target Spending and Debt


Oct 5, 2010
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OMG! Republicans want to cut spending! They want to avoid raising the debt ceiling! They want to reduce the size of the federal government!

RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOP Targets Spending, Debt - WSJ.com

Several Republican lawmakers Sunday pledged to pursue significant cuts in federal spending as soon as January, setting up an immediate clash with congressional Democrats and the Obama administration as both sides try to frame the federal budget next year...

Both Democrats and Republicans have said one of the primary reasons for the growing budget deficit are entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security, but both sides remain far apart on ways to cut costs in these areas...

"We're going to have at least three to four months [to show] that this is a cost-cutting Congress," Mr. Cantor said...

But he said it was as much Mr. Obama's responsibility as Congress's to make sure that the federal government meets its debt obligations.
The problem is that even if every single guy mentioned in the article is sincere about their promises, their votes are still a drop in the bucket. I seriously doubt the rest of the republican (or democratic) party will follow suit. They will talk about reducing spending, but when their pork is under the butcher's knife they won't walk the walk. Medicare, Social security, Welfare and Defense are the primary sources of spending, but are nearly untouchable politically.
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