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Google, why hast thou forsaken us?


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May 19, 2004
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It wasn't that long ago when you were the new guy and had to solicit help from us geeks and nerds to be successful. We told all our friends and family about you and how bad-ass you were. We screamed about how consistent you were and about how you would even hold us after.

Sadly Facebook is overtaking your top spot for news and search on the desktop....the reason is obvious. I believe you need to look in your rear-view mirror every now and again and note what you see. More and more of us are showing you the finger. Your best defense is that you are "not evil". Just because I want to be private does not mean I am in the wrong or hiding anything.

You have proven that you could careless about how you became the almighty powerful Google. First, you yank my adsense ability away with no description of why. Then, you spit on your users with junk like Wave, Buzz and this NEWS redesign you rolled out July 1 so you can monitor our paths more efficiently. If this news redesign is any indication of the quality that we can expect from the Google Me "Facebook killer" - that will be a ****ing joke too.

Your good name is becoming unworthy and untrustworthy to be king. It saddens me that the once fighting underdog has now become arrogant. I know you are not listening Google. I know you do not care. I just needed to get this off my chest.


Edit: Shew... I feel better. :)
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Does this have anything to do with why google is acting weird for me today?
Does this have anything to do with why google is acting weird for me today?
They screwed with Google News and it got to me. It is a mess now.
But yeah, Google is acting weird the last couple of days. I think it is because they turned on a bunch of new "features" behind the scenes.
Well they can turn that **** back off. Simple chain searching is almost impossible right now.
Does this have anything to do with why google is acting weird for me today?

Probably not, doubt Google even knows you exist.
Only reason I know you exist is because of the numerous cautions and warnings you send me. lol
You can look at news on facebook? and do searches like google on facebook? Why would you want to do either of those on facebook?
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