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Good Night and Good Luck

quietrage said:
Is anyone going to see the new movie Good Night and Good Luck?
Looks good I might go see it if my school give me a free ticket thing that we have here.

I would except for the skewed view of history it portrays or rather what it doesn't portray. Since the fall of the Soviet Union we have learned that Maccarthy was mostly right. It does not mention that Murrow's close friend Larry Duggin, who was accused by the House Un-American Activities Committee (not Mccarthy) of being a communist spy and who later jumped out a 16th floor window, was indeed a spy for the Soviet Union. Murrow used this death to go after those in Washington who were trying to vent out the Soviet agents implanted in our government. He didn't believe Duggin was a spy and had been a victim of persecution by paranoid poloticians, politicians who proved to be mostly correct. The Verona intercepts have proven this to have been the case.
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