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May 29, 2005
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Zanesville, Ohio
Hi. My name is Cory, but I go by 'geek' on about 8 forums, so we'll stick with that here as well. I've loved politics since I could understand it. I graduate from high school tomorrow, and turned 18 yesterday. I've taken two debate classes at school, and countless arguments via the internet. I finally decided I'd find an actiave debate forum, so I can argue with people who know what they're talking about <hopefully :p>

Anyway, a few things about me:

-I'm 18
-I stand with republican views on most major issues (IE, abortion, war, guns), but occasionally a liberal side of me comes out.
-I like skateboarding, web designing, graphic designing, music, and debating.
-I run a web/graphic design business, Extrace Designs.
-Here's my blog: GeekHash
-Here's my geek/tech forums: The Geek Haven

See you on the forums.
Congratulations on turning 18 and on graduating high school.

Good luck on your future endeavors.
Welcome, congrats, and Happy B-day. :)

Feel free to put your blog in your USER CP > Edit option (very bottom)

It will link to the latest blog entry in your sig.

Geek Haven, hrmm - was it blue and orange at one point? The name sounds familiar.
That's a nice blog site geek!




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