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Good election voting resource


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Jul 2, 2010
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Norman, OK
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Nov. 2 is the election and it is at that time that we have the chance to make our votes be heard.

My biggest problem is finding out who these people are who are running for office. Lately I have been using TelOnu.com which is like a Yelp for companies and people (good resource for job hunting as well), but it is their political section which is really good since it has all the facts and dirt on all the candidates running for office in the upcoming elections:


Looking forward to seeing what is added to the pols on TelOnU in the run up to the elections could be interesting.

This election cycle is going to be important, what I am most concerned about, is that we are voting for people who we don’t know anything about – I voted for congressmen based on party, not who they are.

I think a lot of Americans are feed up with the parties and are not voting for the person, usually people we don’t know much about and I am afraid it might result in some negative and incompetent people getting voted in.

I suggest to everyone, really study who you are going to vote for in this election cycle, know the good the bad and the ugly. Find out what companies support them, what are there stance on issues and what skeletons are hanging in their closet.
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