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Good Bye DP

Some will say good riddance, and that's fine.

Personal tragedy has struck too close to home and puts all the time here is perspective.

I wish everyone well.

Best regards,
That's not good and i'm really sorry to hear that Zimmer. Take care of yourself.

All the best and come back when you're up for it.

I'm sorry you had a tradegy happen to you, best wishes.
really sorry to hear, Zimmer.
Best to you Zim.
Hang in there.
Zimmer, take care of real life man, whatever it is, be strong.
Best wishes zimmer.
peace be with you and your family
take care, zimmer .
I do not believe we discussed a lot of things, zimmer, but God Bless and I hope you and your family nothing but the best.
So long & thanks for all the fish.
Best of luck to you. Hope things improve for you. Come back if you can.
Sorry to hear about the tragedy in your life. Sometimes in life we just go on auto cruise and everything just hums along. But unfortunately ther are bumps and dips in all our roads of life.
Stay strong and hang in there.
You'll be missed around here Zimmer, but here's hoping life blossoms for you in real time.
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