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Good and Evil

The ultimate topic I suppose..

There is no knowledge, empirical evidence... nothing, in fact... to suggest that Man.. ANY man... has the vaguest idea what constitutes "The Good" and what constitutes "Evil." They are both simply terms of present moment justification.

You cannot punish murder with murder... well... you can if you're not "Christian" but the rest are hampered by their own narrative. And yet this obvious contradiction goes unchallenged as the Church and State run roughshod over ANY deviation from what CLEARLY is no more than a series of irrational guesses... No less than GOD HIMSELF has granted special dispensation to OUR moral observations vs. the other guy's... we are "Right" because we are "Good," and we are "Good" because OUR "God" SAYS we are good... In fact, WITHOUT our God's clarifications and intercession... man would be OBLIGED to admit he has no IDEA what constitutes "Good" or "Evil"... he is merely guessing. Moral Particularism.

500 million people - a conservative guess - have perished at the hands of the Catholic Church. That's a LOTTA people... And no one, save the "Savior" has been held to account for it... ever.... cause they don't HAVE to! As long as it's for "The Good", you can slaughter whoever you want to.. and we do. The "Church" which, conveniently begins its reign with the birth of The Biggest Loser... Marks TIME with that event in fact.. What HUBRIS!... But from these murdering, conniving, self-serving men in dresses comes a Truth SOOOO important it overrides their fantastical journey from Jew to Christian.. a sleight of hand even a God might admire..

God... who is confusingly also a man as well as some sort of poltergeist.. DIED for your sins... the murders of a million people in Iraq most recently... fear not... all is forgiven. Go in Peace, my son... Iraq wasn't a "sin" so much as God's punishment on Saddam Hussein for stealing all those premature baby incubators from Kuwait...
The rhetorical ploy is SOO ludicrous it would seem that ANYONE could see through it... but they don't for some reason?.. Why is that? Why, in a society that can send detritus into space with comical ease.. should the ridiculousness of the proposal be so unobvious? Why indeed.
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