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Goldman banker found 'hiding in his Range Rover after raping 20-year-old at his pool


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Jun 19, 2013
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Jason Lee charged: Goldman banker was found 'hiding in his Range Rover after raping 20-year-old at naked Hamptons pool party' | Mail Online


Arrested: Jason Lee, 37, was charged with first-degree rape after a 20-year-old woman claimed he assaulted her

[h=1]Goldman banker was found 'hiding in his Range Rover after raping 20-year-old at naked Hamptons pool party'[/h]
  • Jason Lee, 37, denied the charges and posted $20,000 bail in cash
  • He is managing director for Goldman Sachs' initial public offering division but is on leave following his arrest
  • The alleged victim reported that Lee held her down by her forearms and raped her
  • Police said the pool party involved at least 'partial nudity'
  • Lee rented the $33,000-a-month summer house with his wife who was reportedly in Manhattan at the time of the alleged assault

A Goldman Sachs banker accused of raping a 20-year-old woman during a naked pool party in the Hamptons was reportedly found by police cowering in his Range Rover.
Jason Lee, who is managing director of the firm's equity capital markets group but has been placed on leave since his arrest, was charged on Wednesday with first-degree rape.
On Sunday, it emerged Lee's own friend, Rene Duncan, called the police, believing one of the alleged victim's friends had stolen a car from Lee's rental home.
But when police arrived, the young woman's brother drew a female officer aside and led her into the house where his sobbing sister reported the rape, according to The East Hampton Star.
A source told the newspaper Lee then went to the driveway of the $33,000-a-month summer home he was renting, got into his late model Range Rover, which was dark with tinted windows, and hid.
But officers soon found him cowering inside, the source said.
The Star reported Lee and Duncan met the alleged victim, a foreign student, and her friends at Georgica restaurant and lounge in Wainscott on Monday night, where the two men were celebrating Lee's 37th birthday.

They asked the group back to Lee's rental home, where the banker is accused of going into the house with the young woman, holding her down by the forearms and raping her.

One of the other foreign students borrowed Duncan's car to drive home another friend and did not return, prompting Duncan to call the cops. However, the car was found the next day.

Scene: This is the house on Clover Leaf Lane in East Hampton, New York, where the sexual assault allegedly occurred

The grand jury indictment was fast-tracked because the woman, a student who was working on the East End for the summer, had been due to return to her home country. She hasn't been identified and her native country hasn't been released.

Lee, an Ivy Leaguer who had started at the Manhattan investment bank in 1998, has pleaded not guilty.

On Saturday, his attorney, Edward Burke Jr. of Sag Harbor, said: 'There's not a scratch, there's not a mark, there is not a bruise on my client. There is not a blemish on his background, on his record.'
If convicted, Lee will serve between five and 25 years in state prison.

Lee had been renting the luxury Hamptons summer house with his wife, Alicia, according to The Star. However, she was reportedly in the city when the party took place.
Police allege Lee sexually assaulted the woman during a naked pool party at the four-bedroom rental, called Clover Leaf Lane house in East Hampton on Long Island, New York.



Accused: Lee is a managing director for Goldman Sachs and works at the investment bank's headquarters at 200 West Street in Lower Manhattan. He lives in TriBeCa

Lee handles the initial public offerings, pleaded not guilty. Burke said he was innocent and was looking forward to clearing his name.

A police source told the local newspaper that there was 'nudity involved' at the pool party and sometime late Monday or early Tuesday, Lee's birthday, he raped the woman, police allege.
The New York Times reports the mansion was listed for $33,000 a month.
During a court hearing in East Hampton Wednesday, which was attended by Lee's wife and several members of his family, Lee posted his $20,000 bail in cash.
An envelope with the money was handed to the clerk of court, who diligently counted out the bills before Lee was allowed to be released.

Burke Jr. told the Times that Lee 'adamantly denies the allegations levied against him.' He said Lee has 'never been in trouble in his life.'

'We look forward to clearing his name in a court of law,' Burke said.



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Sep 22, 2012
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Goldman banker found 'hiding in his Range Rover after raping 20-year-old at h...

He is innocent until proven guilty.


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Sep 25, 2007
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Re: Goldman banker found 'hiding in his Range Rover after raping 20-year-old at h...

Since it was a nude party nobody will take her seriously.
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