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Going Viral:

Something evil is brewing in the deep dark corners of the web.

Facebook is full of spammers, trolls, advertisers, paulbots, and annoying philosophers who think that they know everything about the world! Couldn’t that describe everyone on Facebook though? Facebook groups and pages are even worse, because you have no idea if the people you are talking to are real or not.

Catfish a reality TV Show on MTV perfectly illustrates how weird online relationships can be and when met in real life, it gets even stranger. If a person posts a profile that isn’t exactly what they said, and they never are, then that puts strains on the relationship. Something such as a man being fifty pounds overweight while his profile was a picture of him in his prime in college could end the relationship right there. Because if they lied about that what else are they lying about? Sometimes when the potential lovers meet up for the first time, they find out that the person they thought they loved was actually their ex- boyfriend or girlfriend (doesn’t matter) getting back at them. Or it could be their ex’s friend. Or it could be a 40 year old fat lady when you thought it was going some sexy skinny model-type girl. The show goes through the process of looking up pictures using Google images and if a picture of that fake person is found on a different profile with a different name that is a red flag.


While Online dating sites claim that they have much success, can we as a suspecting public especially after Catfish can expose fake profiles, really be sure the dating websites are telling the truth? After all, they could just pay beautiful people to be in their ads and say they met online. Putting the conspiracy aside, I’m sure they had to hunt down the couples that really did find their true love so that they could appear in the advertisement, and I’m sure they get paid! Just like the people meeting their potential matches on Catfish probably get paid to do so as well. Otherwise why would they suddenly decide to go meet someone that they avoided meeting?

The problem, with the internet, and that’s one of its many attributes as well is that it can be too open! The internet now is a social hub and a hang out spot. If you go viral you are automatically respected by your friends and are labeled cool! It doesn’t matter what you did. You could create a company, you could get your recipes plugged by people on the food network, you could just hit the right keywords and your page gets 100,000 likes overnight. Doesn’t matter what the topic is you’re now cool! You’re now a sub-hipster celebrity.

The problem here I think is that liberals finally found a free market. It’s an art canvas where they can spread ideas rapidly from the comfort of their own home through cyberspace to millions of people around the world. Sounds great right? Well, like most lawless endeavors, there are bad eggs in them.

Directly after all the recent shootings both in Aurora and Newtown, Facebook fan pages were created supporting the actions of the shooters!!! Facebook fan pages instantly popped up in support of Christopher Dorner. He posted his “manifesto” “exposing” the corruption within the LAPD on Facebook and then he went on a murdering rampage. Being liberal in nature, many far left loonies on the social networking site and around celebrity circles and around the internet publicly or secretly support Dorner!

What is wrong with society these days? When a fourteen year old girl named Samantha Marie can go viral by posting a video of herself masturbating, and no media outlet picks it up and Facebook hasn’t done anything about it for days, something is definitely wrong here. Something evil is brewing in the deep dark corners of the web. With Facebook and how easy it is to go viral, it’s only going to get worse. With so many problems out there in the real world, people go into their groups, post pictures of themselves to get likes, and make themselves feel better when they blog about how life isn’t fair.

I have to ask, is this good for society? Do you believe that Facebook and social networking are good or are they mostly bad?

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Jul 19, 2012
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It has been axiomatic for me since I first started posting to bulletin boards online those many years ago that if you post something supporting sweetness, goodness and light that someone will show up to dispute it. Most of the time it means nothing. The web is a place where people can go in anonymity to vent, to piss and moan, to adopt a persona that they'd never use in real life. That's about all there is to it.
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