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Globalist European leftists at EU & UN taking a BIG step towards totalitarianism! (1 Viewer)


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Jul 22, 2013
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Watch at least the first few minutes of this video. Tim shows the actual documentation and reports of how a new UN compact seeks to legally categorize global mass migration as a 'human right', and they seek to legally categorize criticism of these mass migration policies as "hate speech". It will allow radical, open borders leftist politicians to defund, or even SHUT DOWN any media outlet who breaks their "hate speech" laws by publicly questioning or criticizing their mass migration policies! A private citizen could be criminally charged under these ridiculous new laws!

If you REALLY want to know how authoritarian, totalitarian governments start oppressing their citizens, this is it! They are literally trying to make it ILLEGAL to criticize democratically elected politicians, who's policies are VERY unpopular! If this is allowed to stand, then at once, it will be the political left who are taking a huge leap away from democracy, towards totalitarianism. To some degree this had already begun under the unelected authoritarian bureaucracy of the European Union, which is why Britain left! As conservatives have said for decades, full socialism is NOT democratic!

We conservatives suspected that these new hate speech laws being enacted in Canada, UK and elsewhere, as nothing more than another strategic tool used by leftist politicians and activists as a means of stifling dissent, which is now becoming even more obvious. The proof is very obvious in the hypocritical and inconsistent ways they yield hate speech laws. Progressive Ideological activist groups like the SPLC and even the progressive politicians almost NEVER 'officially' list violent or hateful leftist groups with the "hate speech" tag. But the SPLC routinely lists conservative, or even moderate people and groups as "hate groups", which actually led to a very recent and very successful libel lawsuit against SPLC, Now more groups are filing lawsuits.


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